How Do You Choose the Right Tartan for Your Family?

Choosing a tartan for your family can be a deeply personal and meaningful decision. Tartans are not just patterns of fabric; they represent heritage, identity, and a connection to one’s ancestors. The process of selecting the right tartan involves understanding the history and significance of different tartans, considering family traditions, and perhaps even creating a new tartan that reflects your unique family story.This article will guide you through the steps of choosing the right tartan for your family, with a special focus on the Fletcher Tartan.

Understanding Tartans and Their History

Tartans are woven patterns consisting of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors.These patterns are most famously associated with Scotland, where they have been us ed for centuries to signify different clans, regions, and families. Each tartan design is unique and carries its own history and symbolism. Historically, tartans were used as a form of identification. In the Scottish Highlands, clans (extended families) each had their own distinctive tartan, which they wore to signify their allegiance. Over time, tartans have come to represent not only clans but also other groups such as regions, institutions, and even corporations.

The Fletcher Tartan

The Fletcher Tartan is one of many clan tartans. The Fletchers are an ancient Scottish clan, with roots that trace back to the Highlands. The name “Fletcher” comes from the French word “fléchier,” meaning “arrow maker,” indicating the clan’s historical association with archery. The Fletcher Tartan is characterized by its striking pattern of dark greens and blues, often with highlights of white or red. This tartan embodies the natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the clan’s long-standing traditions. Wearing the Fletcher Tartan is a way for members of the Fletcher family to connect with their heritage and honor their ancestors.

Steps to Choose the Right Tartan for Your Family

1. Research Your Ancestry:

The first step in choosing the right tartan for your family is to research your ancestry. Understanding your family’s origins and connections to specific clans or regions in Scotland will help you identify potential tartans that are meaningful to your heritage. Use genealogical resources such as family records, historical documents, and online databases to trace your family tree. Look for connections to Scottish clans or regions that might have their own tartans.

2. Identify Existing Family Tartans:

Once you have a clearer understanding of your ancestry, you can identify existing family tartans.Many Scottish clans have official tartans that are registered with organizations such as the Scottish Register of Tartans.If your family has a known connection to a particular clan, such as the Fletcher clan, then the clan’s tartan is a natural choice.Wearing the Fletcher Tartan, for example, would signify your pride in being part of the Fletcher heritage.

3. Consider Regional Tartans:

In addition to clan tartans, there are also regional tartans that represent specific areas of Scotland.If your family has ties to a particular region rather than a specific clan, a regional tartan might be an appropriate choice.Regional tartans can be a way to honor the geographical roots of your family, especially if clan affiliations are not clear.

4. Explore New Tartans:

If your family does not have a clear connection to an existing tartan, or if you want to create something unique, you might consider designing a new tartan. Custom tartans can be registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans and become a part of your family’s legacy. When designing a new tartan, consider colors and patterns that have significance to your family. This could include colors from a family crest, symbols representing important aspects of your family’s history, or patterns that reflect your family’s values and traditions.

5. Consult with Tartan Experts:

There are many experts and organizations that specialize in tartans and Scottish heritage. Consulting with these experts can provide valuable insights and guidance in choosing or designing the right tartan for your family. Tartan weavers, historians, and genealogists can offer advice on historical accuracy, design elements, and the registration process for new tartans.

6. Involve Your Family:

Choosing a family tartan is a decision that should involve as many family members as possible. Gather input from relatives, share your research findings, and discuss what elements are most important to include in your family tartan.Involving your family in this process can strengthen your collective sense of identity and ensure that the chosen tartan has significance for everyone.

The Significance of the Fletcher Tartan

For those with ties to the Fletcher clan, the Fletcher Tartan is a symbol of unity and pride. The dark greens and blues of the tartan represent the natural landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, where the Fletchers have their roots.The pattern itself is a reminder of the clan’s history and the craftsmanship of their ancestors who were skilled arrow makers.Wearing the Fletcher Tartan at family gatherings, weddings, or other significant events can create a sense of continuity and connection across generations.It serves as a visual representation of the family’s heritage and a way to honor the contributions and legacy of past members.

Wearing and Using Your Family Tartan

Once you have chosen the right tartan for your family, there are many ways to incorporate it into your life. Here are some ideas:

1.Clothing and Accessories:

Kilts, scarves, ties, and shawls made from your family tartan can be worn at special events and celebrations. For the Fletcher family, kilts in the Fletcher Tartan can be a striking and meaningful choice for formal occasions. Accessories such as cufflinks, brooches, and sashes in the family tartan can add a touch of heritage to everyday wear.

2. Home Decor:

Incorporate your family tartan into your home decor with items such as blankets, pillows, and curtains. These items can add a personal touch to your living space and serve as a constant reminder of your family’s heritage. Tartan upholstery or framed tartan fabric can also be a unique way to showcase your family pride.

3. Special Occasions:

Use your family tartan at weddings, anniversaries, and other family events. For example, Fletcher Tartan table runners or ribbons can add a distinctive and meaningful element to the decor.Tartan patterns can also be incorporate into invitations, menus, and other printed materials for a cohesive and personalized look.

4. Gifts and Keepsakes:

Consider giving gifts that feature your family tartan. Items such as tartan-clad teddy bears, notebooks, or even tartan-patterned jewelry can be thoughtful and memorable gifts for family members.

Tartan keepsakes can be passed down through generations, becoming cherished heirlooms that carry the story of your family.


Choosing the right tartan for your family is a journey that involves understanding your heritage, exploring your options, and making a decision that reflects your family’s unique story.Whether you have a clear connection to a clan like the Fletchers or need to create a new tartan, the process can be deeply rewarding and meaningful.The Fletcher Tartan, with its rich history and striking design, is an excellent example of how a tartan can embody the spirit and traditions of a family.

By wearing and using your family tartan, you create a tangible link to your ancestors and a symbol of your shared identity.Incorporating your family tartan into your life through clothing, decor, special occasions, and gifts helps to keep your heritage alive and ensures that future generations will continue to honor and celebrate their roots. The journey to finding and embracing your family tartan is a celebration of who you are and where you come from, making it a truly special and enduring part of your family legacy.

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