The Elegance of Hunter Douglas Roman Shades

When it comes to window treatments, Hunter Douglas Roman Shades stand out for their timeless elegance and functional design. These shades seamlessly combine the softness of drapery with the functionality of blinds, offering a versatile and stylish solution for any home. Let’s explore the unique features and benefits that make Hunter Douglas Roman Shades a preferred choice for homeowners.

Key Features and Design

Hunter Douglas Roman Shades come in various styles, including the Vignette® Modern Roman Shades. These shades are available in two main styles: the Rolling Style and the Stacking Style. The Rolling Style features either a 4-inch full fold or a 6-inch flat fold that rolls up into the headrail, while the Stacking Style stacks neatly beneath a low-profile headrail, making it ideal for shallow mounting depths.

One of the standout features of these shades is their uniform appearance. The consistent folds ensure a clean and crisp look, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of any room. Additionally, Hunter Douglas Roman Shades are available in a wide array of luxurious fabrics, including silks, linens, tweeds, and natural weaves, allowing homeowners to choose the perfect texture and color to match their interior decor.

Enhanced Light Control and Privacy

Hunter Douglas Roman Shades offer excellent light control and privacy options. They are available in different fabric opacities, including sheer, light-filtering, and room-darkening fabrics. For those who want the best of both worlds, the Duolite® system combines a light-filtering or sheer front shade with a built-in room-darkening back panel on a single roller, providing perfect levels of light and privacy.

The Top-Down/Bottom-Up design is another innovative feature that allows you to lower the shade from the top or raise it from the bottom, offering versatile light control and privacy options. This feature is particularly useful in rooms where you want to maintain privacy while still allowing natural light to enter.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Hunter Douglas Roman Shades also contribute to energy efficiency. The insulating properties of these shades help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature by reducing heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. This can lead to significant energy savings and a more comfortable living environment.

Child Safety

Safety is a top priority for Hunter Douglas, and their Roman Shades are designed with child safety in mind. These shades have no exposed rear cords, reducing the risk of accidents in homes with young children. The PowerView® Motorization system further enhances safety by allowing you to control the shades with a remote, an app, or even voice commands, eliminating the need for cords altogether.

Customization and Coordination

Hunter Douglas offers a range of customization options to ensure your Roman Shades perfectly match your home decor. The Accents by the Yard™ program allows you to order fabric by the yard, so you can create matching accessories such as pillows and bedspreads. This level of customization ensures a coordinated and cohesive look throughout your home.


Hunter Douglas Roman Shades are a stylish and functional choice for any home. With their elegant design, superior light control, energy efficiency, and child safety features, these shades offer a perfect blend of beauty and practicality. Whether you prefer the classic look of the Vignette® Modern Roman Shades or the innovative features of the Duolite® system, Hunter Douglas has a solution to meet your needs.

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