UGGCONTROMAN Controller Special Settings: A Comprehensive Guide

The UGGCONTROMAN controller is a sophisticated gaming device that offers a range of special settings designed to enhance your gaming experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the unique features of the UGGCONTROMAN controller, providing detailed instructions on how to utilize its special settings for optimal performance.


Gaming technology has advanced significantly, and controllers play a crucial role in how gamers interact with their favorite titles. The UGGCONTROMAN controller stands out in the market due to its innovative features and customizable settings, which cater to both casual and professional gamers. This guide will delve into these special settings, ensuring you get the most out of your UGGCONTROMAN controller.

Understanding the UGGCONTROMAN Controller

Before diving into the special settings, it’s essential to understand the basic layout and functions of the UGGCONTROMAN controller. This controller boasts a sleek design, ergonomic grips, and an intuitive button layout, making it comfortable to use for extended gaming sessions. It includes standard buttons, analog sticks, triggers, and additional programmable buttons that provide an edge in competitive gaming.

Special Settings Overview

The UGGCONTROMAN controller is equipped with a variety of special settings that can be customized to enhance your gaming experience. These settings include button mapping, sensitivity adjustments, macro creation, and profile management.

Button Mapping

One of the standout features of the UGGCONTROMAN controller is its customizable button mapping. This feature allows you to reassign the functions of buttons according to your preferences. For instance, you can remap the trigger buttons to the paddles on the back of the controller, which can be advantageous in fast-paced games where quick access to certain actions is crucial.

To remap buttons, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Controller Settings: Open the UGGCONTROMAN software on your PC or console.
  2. Select Button Mapping: Navigate to the button mapping section.
  3. Choose the Button to Remap: Select the button you want to reassign.
  4. Assign a New Function: Choose the new function for the selected button.
  5. Save Your Settings: Confirm and save your new button configuration.

Sensitivity Adjustments

Adjusting the sensitivity of the analog sticks and triggers is another vital setting for enhancing your gaming performance. The UGGCONTROMAN controller allows you to fine-tune the sensitivity to suit your playstyle. High sensitivity is beneficial for games requiring quick reflexes, while lower sensitivity can improve precision in targeting.

To adjust sensitivity:

  1. Open the Sensitivity Settings: Access the UGGCONTROMAN software.
  2. Select Analog Stick/Trigger Sensitivity: Choose whether you want to adjust the sticks or triggers.
  3. Adjust the Sensitivity Levels: Use the sliders to increase or decrease sensitivity.
  4. Test and Save: Test the new settings in-game and save once you are satisfied.

Macro Creation

The ability to create macros is a feature that sets the UGGCONTROMAN controller apart from many others. Macros allow you to execute complex sequences of actions with a single button press, which is especially useful in strategy and fighting games.

To create macros:

  1. Access Macro Settings: Open the macro section in the UGGCONTROMAN software.
  2. Record a New Macro: Start recording your desired sequence of actions.
  3. Assign the Macro to a Button: Choose a button to activate the macro.
  4. Save and Test: Save your macro and test it in-game to ensure it performs as expected.

Profile Management

The UGGCONTROMAN controller supports multiple profiles, allowing you to switch between different settings for various games or users. This feature is particularly useful if you play a variety of games that require different controller configurations.

To manage profiles:

  1. Open Profile Settings: Navigate to the profile management section in the UGGCONTROMAN software.
  2. Create a New Profile: Add a new profile and configure it with your preferred settings.
  3. Switch Between Profiles: Easily switch between profiles depending on the game you’re playing.
  4. Save and Sync: Save your profiles and sync them with your controller.


The UGGCONTROMAN controller’s special settings offer unparalleled customization options, making it a top choice for serious gamers. By mastering button mapping, sensitivity adjustments, macro creation, and profile management, you can tailor your controller to enhance your gaming performance. Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for a better experience or a competitive player seeking every possible advantage, the UGGCONTROMAN controller provides the tools you need to excel.


What is button mapping on the UGGCONTROMAN controller? Button mapping allows you to reassign the functions of buttons on your controller to suit your preferences, enhancing your gameplay experience.

How do I adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks on the UGGCONTROMAN controller? You can adjust the sensitivity through the UGGCONTROMAN software by accessing the sensitivity settings and using sliders to set your preferred levels.

Can I create macros with the UGGCONTROMAN controller? Yes, the UGGCONTROMAN controller allows you to create macros, which are sequences of actions executed with a single button press.

How do I manage profiles on the UGGCONTROMAN controller? Profile management can be done through the UGGCONTROMAN software, where you can create, switch, and save different profiles for various games or users.

Is the UGGCONTROMAN controller suitable for competitive gaming? Yes, the UGGCONTROMAN controller’s customizable settings, including button mapping and sensitivity adjustments, make it an excellent choice for competitive gaming.

What games benefit most from the UGGCONTROMAN controller’s special settings? Games that require quick reflexes, precision, and complex input sequences, such as first-person shooters, fighting games, and strategy games, benefit most from the UGGCONTROMAN controller’s special settings.

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